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Zibibbo or Muscat or Alexandria is the oldest vineyard planting in the Ricca Terra Farms’ stable. The 1Ha vineyard is over 70 years of age. Most of the old vineyards in the Riverland have been removed due to their poor economic returns. Most of the old vineyards were bush vines, meaning they required hand pruning and harvesting. Unfortunately the large global wine businesses that operate in the Riverland did not value these old vineyards and therefore the price they paid per tonne did not reflect their value……the outcome was most were removed!Ricca Terra Farms decided to preserve a small part of the farm’s history by maintaining the small 1 Ha patch of Zibibbo which was planted back when the soldier settlement scheme was established in the Riverland (see the link below for more information on the Riverland soldier settlement scheme).This vineyard was also saved by Brad Hickey of Brash Higgins who after a lengthy discussion over the Christmas holidays of 2012/13 decided to make a wine using the Zibibbo from Ricca Terra Farms.

Riverland Soldier Settlement Scheme

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