Slancamenca Bela

Slancamenca Bela

the story behind

We have all heard the saying ‘all that glitters is not gold’. That was the case during the 2015 vintage when the Ricca Terra Farms team discovered it had planted a white grape variety that it had thought had historical links to Southern Italy but instead what was planted in 2012 had origins to ancient Balkan times. The grape variety planted was Slancamenca Bela, a Serbian white grape variety.Information on how to grow and make Slancamenca Bela is very limited, hence Ricca Terra Farms had a steep learning curve. Over the past couple of years the key observations made about this relatively unknown Serbian variety were;

  • Cropping capacity is high hence requires bunch thinning
  • Late bud burst – good for frost prone sites
  • Late ripening – later than Zibibbo
  • Loose cluster – not susceptible to berry split

Ricca Terra Farms has built a reputation of taking risks, throwing caution to the wind and building a competitive advantage on being unique! While others growers who have planted Slancamenca Bela have decided to remove the variety and re-plant with better known grape varieties, Ricca Terra Farms has decided to back Slancamenca Bela and give it a new home at Barmera.

Of greatest importance is the quality of wine made from Slancamenca Bela. Full credit has to go to Amato Vino who has taken the opportunity to be brave and is now the only known producer of Slancamenca Bela in Australia. The wine made from Slancamenca Bela is both unexpected and exciting. Production of this wine is limited to a solitary one acre vineyard dedicated to Slancamenca Bela…. All that glitters may not always be gold, sometimes the glitter are diamonds.

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