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Montepulciano originates from central and southern Italy. This a variety that really excites the team at Ricca Terra Farms. Out of all the Italian grape varieties grown by Ricca Terra Farms it is the one that has ‘zero fuss’ in respect to viticulture inputs needed to enhance wine quality.

Crop levels are always medium to low and the canopy grows in a ‘open’ fashion, allowing sunlight and the lake breeze from Lake Bonney to nurture the bunches. It is a late ripening variety. Bunches tend to be average in size and compact.

The wines made from Montepulciano are highly coloured and make a full bodied wine. Ricca Terra Farms family of winemakers also use Montepulciano to blend with other varieties. The 2014 Delinquente Wines ‘Roxanne the Razor’ is a blend of Nero d’Avola and Montepulciano.

Montepulciano will be a grape variety that will continue to be planted at Ricca Terra Farms.

Amato Vino, Kangarilla Road Wines and Bellweather Wines all make wine from this variety.

(Synonyms: Cordicso, Cordiscio, Cordisco, Cordisio, Monte Pulciano, Montepulciano Cordesco, Montepulciano di Torre de Passeri, Montepulciano Primatico, Morellone, Premutico, Primaticcio, Primutico, Sangiovese Cardisco, Sangiovese Cordisco, Sangiovetto, Torre dei Passeri, Uva Abruzzese and Uva Abruzzi)

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