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Lagrein is an Italian wine grape variety that is unlike most other varieties grown at Ricca Terra Farms. Firstly it originates from Northern Italy where as most of the Italian grape varieties Ricca Terra Farms grow come from Southern Italy. Despite this, Lagrein has developed into a variety that produces amazing wines when grown in a warm climate.


Two styles of management have been adopted to grow Lagrein at Ricca Terra Farms. The first style is the traditional ‘inland’ method of a two wire vertical cordon wire, with the second method being a single wire cordon with two sets of catching wires.

Legrein tends to be a medium vigour grape variety that does not produce high crop levels. This means very little crop level manipulation is required. The wines made from this variety are simply amazing! They are high in colour with very good acid and tannin balance. Ricca Terra Farms planted Lagrein for its blending potential plus its ability to make single variety wines.

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