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Fiano is a white Italian wine grape variety grown by Ricca Terra Farms that is associated with Campania, although it is planted in other southern Italian wine growing regions such as Puglia and Sicily. The two clones of Fiano are Fiano Miutolo and Fiano d’Avellino. Fiano Miutolo is the clone used in Australia, while Fiano Miutolo is used throughout Italy.


The Fiano clone Miutolo appears to perform very well in hot weather. Observations over the past five years has shown that Fiano maintains very good canopy health during extreme heat. It is a light to medium cropping variety and makes a wine with outstanding palate weight and acid.


Ricca Terra Farms introduced Fiano into it’s varietal mix recently and has gained instant success with both fruit and wine quality. Grown on a single wire cordon, foliage wires are used to maintain an upright canopy. Cropping levels are limited through hand pruning, restricted irrigation and crop removal (if required). Fiano tends not to be an over productive variety, so crop thinning is a management practice rarely used. To protect fruit flavours the grapes are hand picked during vintage and delivered to our family of winemakers in half tonne bins within an hour of harvesting.

(Synonyms: Isabella, Latino, Fiore Mendillo, Fiana or Foiana, Santa Sofia, Latina Bianca, Minuculato)

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