Bianco d’Alessano

Bianco d’Alessano

the story behind

Bianco d’Alessano is native to southern Italy and has a long history with Puglia. It is a grape variety that maintains a high level of acidity despite it growing in warm arid climates.

Ricca Terra Farms possibly has the only commercial planting of Bianco d’Alessano outside of Italy, and most certainly has the only planting in Australia (planted at the Ricca Terra Farms ‘Sherwood Estates’ Vineyard at Loxton). It is a mid-late ripening variety and makes a wine very similar to Riesling.

This variety shot to fame in Australia when it was awarded wine of the show at the 2010 Australian Alternative Variety Wine Show (see Drankster review)

Bianco d’Alessano review – Drankster

(Synonyms: Acchiappapalmento, Achiappapalmento, Bianco d’Assano, Bianco di Latiano, Bianco di Lessame, Bianco di Palmento, Bianco di Valdigna, Butta Palmento, Iuvarello (in Calabria), Verdurino and Vuiono).

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